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 The unmissable sights

If you come to a culture bath, you will be close to all the high places of the heritage of the region, like the Mont Saint Michel and its bay, the walled city of Saint-Malo, Le Cap Frehel, Dinan and La Vallé de la Rance, etc ...

Le Mont Saint Michel

Thousand years of history, faith and talents of men shaped the Mont-Saint-Michel, Wonder
the West, which is part of the history of France. This unique location situated between Normandy
and Britain will only blow you away.




Discover Saint-Malo ramparts. its half-timbered houses, its castle, the Chiens du guet,
his infernal machine, Vauban castles and other historical anecdotes from the city.



Dinard, a mythical resort reveals its charms along its waterfront
Great beaches, coves and coastal paths succeed to offer breathtaking views of the sea.


Fort La Latte

Historical monument
Formerly Roche-Goyon, Castle Fort la Latte is located opposite the Cap Frehel. It is one of the most famous castles in Brittany.


Barrage de la Rance

Hyphen between Dinard and Saint-Malo. Facing the sea, between Saint-Malo to Dinard ...
The Rance dam, only tidal power plant in the world producing electricity for a city such as Rennes.
Very strong currents it generates attract large numbers of bars nice size ... and therefore fishermen too, although this practice is not allowed.


Fort du Petit Bé

Bon Secours beach in Saint-Malo


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